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McKinnon Ancestry is created and run by Katie Welka

It all started with a family mystery. We had only one letter acknowledging my grandfather's adoption. He was born Joseph A. McInnis in 1929 to Mary J. McInnis. He was placed in a boarding house for four years, at the height of the Great Depression, until he was adopted- seemingly at random- by Ralph and Angela McKinnon in California.

Through a DNA test, I discovered my grandfather was not just a McKinnon by adoptive name. He was a McKinnon by blood.

Since then I have been researching my ancestors from the McKinnon line, documenting their exciting stories, organizing their photos and newspaper clippings, and searching for more clues as to the identity of my grandfather's birth parents.

The McKinnons are an endless source of intrigue. They are adventurous travelers, master mariners, college-educated women, and all proud Scottish immigrants. Their stories are incredible, heart-warming, and tragic.

Through genealogy, I have been unraveling the mystery, finding long lost kin, and documenting as much as I can for future generations.

I hope this site helps you in your research and would love to hear from you!

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About Katie

A nerdy old soul who enjoys traveling, video games, arts & crafts, and genealogy. She is a Senior Product Manager at a DNA testing company and has Scottish, Irish, Polish, and Sicilian heritage.

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I would like to become a professional genealogist, which is an expensive process of classes, certifications, memberships, and documentation.

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