Read Multiple Census Pages

At the NWGC, I believe it was Cyndi Ingle of Cyndi's List that insisted you should always read a full page before and after your family's entry on the census. I'm not sure why that never occurred to me before, but boy am I glad I did!

Here I was, organizing photos on my iPad while flying to PEI when suddenly I realized in this 1921 census that Ralph's family is living two families down from John D. McKinnon's siblings!


Patrick Peter McKinnon and Mary McKinnon are Ralph's parents. John Joseph and Leona are Ralph's siblings.

Angus and Sarah are just a few lines down. I can't believe I never noticed that before. Rookie genealogist mistake!

Chances are, Ralph and Angela spent their teenage years as next door neighbors. Ralph went to St. Dunstan's College in Charlottetown. Angela went to Union Commercial College a little deeper in the city. I suspect the rest of the McKinnon clan also went to one or the other. I would be willing to bet the men went to St. Dunstan's.

Jack and Ralph both left PEI for the west coast and worked at the same company in Vancouver for a while. Suddenly that makes more sense, too.

By 1921, when this census was taken, Ralph and Angela had marries, and the John D McKinnon flock had migrated back to Boston. That's why they're not listed. But how cool is this?! The families probably knew each other for generations. I'll have to compare censuses later to see whether they were always enumerated so closely.

Oh, the context! Always read multiple census pages. Families flocked together SO OFTEN back then.