The Journey Home: My Trip to PEI (pt. 1/4)

I traveled to Prince Edward Island for the first time in hopes of learning more about my newfound ancestors. Below is an excerpt from my travel diary, which I send to my family.

Day 1: Arrival
I was surprised to learn I lost yet another hour here. I am now in +4 territory. I'm not even sure what time zone that puts me in.

I fell asleep during the takeoff, like an episode of Mr. Bean snoring through a rollercoaster ride. I don't know why flying makes me so tired. I asked for coffee and cookies to keep myself going.

The view from the flight had little to offer under the cover of night, but there was a spectacular lightning storm I got to watch from my little window. I took some videos. I'll try to find the best one and send it if the wifi is strong enough.

I took a picture when we landed of my first view of the island. So much fog! As I deboarded, however, I realized it wasn't foggy at all. The windows had simply fogged up from the humidity!

The airport was hardly more than a waiting room. I walked through it in about five steps.

An airport souvenir

My cab driver was a friendly transplant from Toronto. He said he moved here three years ago to get out of the "rat race". He assured me I would fall in love with the island, too. He also mentioned it was incredibly safe here, so you can stop worrying, Mom. :) told you so!

I'm staying in a house-turned-hotel called Suites of Euston. It's on Euston Rd, just a few blocks away from Great George St, which is on a postcard from Paul and Hilda McKinnon. You better believe I'll be taking that route to the public records office tomorrow.  The hotel is managed by an old guy named Larry who lives in the basement. Haha, had to say that part. It sounds weird when you write it down, but it's not sketchy, I promise.

Suites of Euston

The town I am in (and where the airport is) is Charlottetown, the main city. Population: 35,000. The population of the entire island is around 150k, if I remember correctly.

Other than the patio furniture, my room is very much like it might have been back when the McKinnons were growing up here. There are no light switches-- only pull strings. I have a fireplace, wood floors that are likely original, and an iron frame bed. I appreciate the air conditioning. Who knows how they survived here without that :)

My room, the George Coles Suite

Very excited to start exploring tomorrow.