MacKinnons of Mount Cavalry

As I was sorting through my Flickr albums today, I came across an old letter I had forgotten about from a Marjorie, John, and Mary MacKinnon. They wrote a letter to Anne (Angela) with their concern for Ralph's disappearance during WWII. They mentioned they had recently heard the news from Aggie (Agnes Rose McKinnon nee Robb). I wonder if Loretta might have met them, too.


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Because the letter said "Portland, Ore" at the top, I thought it might be worth a random Ancestry search for a Marjorie, John, and Mary MacKinnon.

We have a hit!

Marjorie, Mary, and John are the children of John A MacKinnon and Flora Ann McInnis. Who are John A and Flora? I have no idea. Yet. I bet we're all related, though.

John A MacKinnon (? - 1895) and Flora Ann McInnis (1856 - 1926) had 5 children together: 

  1. Marjorie Matilda (1883 - 1948)
  2. Andrew Joseph (1885 - 1956)
    • can you guess the other three first names based on "Most Popular Scottish Roman Catholic Baby Names 1880"?
  3. John William (1885 - 1948)
  4. Joseph Peter (1893 - 1901)
  5. Mary Alice (1894 - 1947)

If you don't have a John, Joseph, and Mary in the family, you might as well not even bother going to church, amirite? :)

John A passed away young in 1895. Flora lived a fuller life, passing away in 1926.

Marjorie, John, and Mary never married. They shared a house together in Portland and all three passed between 1947 and 1948, just a few years after they wrote the letter.

Andrew Joseph MacKinnon apprenticed as a collar maker (probably horse collars) when he was only a child of about 12 years old. He went on to eventually change trades, becoming an assistant jailor and working his way up the county ranks to Multnomah Deputy Sheriff. He married an Elizabeth "Lizzie" Epperly but never had any children. Both of them passed away in 1956.

Joseph passed away when he was only 7 years old.

All but Andrew share a family plot in the Mount Cavalry Cemetery in Portland. Andrew may be nearby. He is buried with his wife in the same cemetery.

Now to bang my head against the wall until I figure out how we know these people.

UPDATE: My cousin was able to confirm that these Portland MacKinnon's were fellow parishioners at Holy Redeemer Church, no relation my McKinnons.  They lived in the same neighborhood and were family friends.