Cpt. John Daniel McKinnon

1 Jan 1859
St. Peter's Bay, Kings, PEI, Canada

7 Oct 1901
At sea, enroute to Gloucester, MA, USA


John D. McKinnon was one of 11 children born to farmer "Young John" McKinnon and wife Catherine Morrison, on Prince Edward Island, Lot 42. John D. came to Gloucester, MA looking for work as a fisherman. He climbed the ranks to a fishing schooner captain, taking perilous journeys along the north atlantic coast. His legs were once pinned by the mast of his ship and he was forced to abandon the schooner with his crew, left cold and lost on a desolate shoreline. This did not deter Captain John from getting back on the open water. He met his demise off the coast of Newfoundland in 1901 aboard the Eliza H. Parkhurst with his crew of 6. The schooner left Bay of Islands, Newfoundland and never returned home.



John "Young John" McKinnon

Catherine Morrison


"Big Mary" McKinnon
Dan McKinnon
Margaret "Peggy" McKinnon
Sarah McKinnon
Michael McKinnon
Neil McKinnon
"Little Mary" McKinnon
Paul McKinnon
Angus Douglas McKinnon
Annabella McKinnon


Ellen M. "Nellie" Burke
m. 4 Mar 1889


John Joseph "Jack" McKinnon
Mary Hilda McKinnon
Angela McKinnon
Paul Daniel McKinnon
William Wells McKinnon


Known Residences

Goose River, St. Peter's Bay (lot 42), Kings, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, USA


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